Your New Max Website

Follow these steps

You need to complete each of the following steps to help you understand how to set-up your website and also understand the best way to use your new website. You should keep in mind that any questions that you have should be referred back to your upline. Do NOT post them in Max groups or use private messages to other people. Your UPLINES have been testing and also using these sites so are aware of how to get the best results from using this new tool.

Step One

Download the Max Business Owners Website and Email Details Records document and make sure you fill it in. This will provide you with all the details you require for both logging into your website and sending out your links.

Step Two

Watch the following video on how to set-up your new email account if you have requested a …… email address


Watch the following video on how to set-up your account and connect it to your website so that you can use livechat and talk directly with visitors to your site.


Watch the following video on your new website and how to use it.


Listen to the following audio regarding the critical importance of follow-up once you have sent out your one of your new website pages that is targeted at someone’s needs and/or wants. What works and what doesn’t. Of course you should always confirm this with your upline/mentor.