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Max Academy Launches for Australian and New Zealand Business Owners

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Today marks a milestone in the evolution of owning a Max business in Australia and New Zealand with the establishment of the Max Academy site. This site and the tools included have been designed to ensure that all new and existing Max business owners have access to professional development tools to ensure they have a greater ability to succeed.

Max is an amazing company, with incredible people as part of the executive team in the USA head office and regional offices around the world. We have amazing products that are unique in the market, backed by real science and protected by patents. We also have amazing, talented, intelligent, professional people starting their own Max businesses everyday here in Australia and New Zealand.

Start with the Discover Max section and make your way through, make sure you stay in contact and close to your coach and mentors as they are going to be the ones to guide you in your Max journey.

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  1. “Today marks a milestone”!!!
    Indeed it does thanks to AMAZING leaders in Australia and New Zealand!
    Thank you for your dedicated, untiring, passionate, talented, and competent work!
    It is such an honor and privileged to work with you. You have become dear freinds.

  2. Yes, this is the beginning of Max’s new phase of development. Max 2.0. Allowing 100% of our contacts to discover who we are, what we can do to support their questions, and become raving fans with us as they discover their pathway competently with a sense of “I am learning to succeed”.

  3. I am so excited about Max International and Max Australia New Zealand right now that I can hardly contain myself. This is not newitis. I have been with Max for seven years now and it is becoming more and more as the company matures.
    It will become a shining light for other companies round the world operating in integrity where the truth stands for the truth. Genuine break through products that work. Genuine help for people to grow a genuine income not over stated to secure their futures and an opportunity to grow themselves and a massive team of like minded people where people genuinely come first. Thank you to all my wonderful partners both corporate and field.

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