Does your belief attract or repel?

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Having just returned from Orlando and Miami where Nicole and I were lucky enough to have been involved in continuing the positive ripple effect of the #MaxUnitedNations video project with all the other leaders across the globe. A phenomenon came to light which we feel is quite timely to share with you all, particularly if you feel you are stuck with regard to achieving your dreams in your max business.
Nicole and I initially spotted this phenomenon as we were travelling around Australia. Then as we travelled through New Zealand with all of the beautiful people in Bernie Ogilvy’s team, it became even more evident. Finally as we were filming in the USA, Double Diamond Rick Monterrosa and I would look at each other smile in acknowledgment that we had observed exactly the same thing, even without speaking to each other at that very moment.
What exactly is this phenomena you ask? Something quite simple really, even so obvious that it is perhaps hidden from your view, but possibly the most profound thing you will hear throughout your Max career. It could even be the only thing between you and the massive success you seek.
Those of you who were filmed can attest that we didn’t simply switch on the camera and just film you… Instead, we actually asked some quite detailed questions before each interview to draw out peoples passionate stories and find the gold nuggets hidden under the surface. Often these questions not only transformed the interview, but also the individuals ability to tell their story in a much more powerful way moving forward. Having said that, one thing was categorically proven to us throughout these interviewing questions. 
First of all we discovered one thing we already knew, which was that absolutely everyone interviewed was super passionate about Max products, due to the fact that we all know our products transform lives like nothing else on the planet. Obviously that was no surprise…
But here is the hidden gem that became very evident by the end of the trip… 
We also discovered that those people who had a high rank and high income had a very different answer to the question about: “what drives you?”,  to those who may have been struggling at lower levels for quite some time.
Obviously this is a generalisation, but those at the higher ranks and incomes responded with things such as, I love transforming other people’s lives with health and finance. PLUS! Max is a very powerful vehicle for me to achieve all of my dreams, such as travel, putting my kids through school, becoming debt free, and living a beautiful holistic life. 
When asked the question about being a network marketing professional, these individuals were proud and loud about this industry and about how we have the best vehicle on the planet for anyone truly wanting freedom.
Conversely, those individuals who may have been struggling longer on a lower ranking or income often just answered: I love transforming other people’s lives with health. Then when asked the question about being a network marketing professional, their response was more often: “I just like helping others”
Can you see the difference in those responses above? 
Perhaps re-read both of them and see if it becomes more obvious to you.
The slight difference which makes a gigantic impact on your success in talking to others and impacts so heavily on your energy signature when speaking to prospects is: Being very clear about the fact that what you have in your hands with the Max Opportunity is a gift and truly is the most amazing tool to transform peoples financial situations. Not just their health.
This boils down to the fact that those people who are getting a greater success had 100% believe in the network marketing industry plus also Max as a financial vehicle.
So here’s the key questions for change… 
  1. Are you very proud and confident in the fact that you are part of the network marketing industry?
  2. Are you 100% convinced that Max is the best vehicle for people to achieve their financial dreams?
  3. Have you mapped out your goals and have you aligned them with your max journey clearly and do you really believe you can achieve them?
If you answered YES YES YES, no doubt you could recite your Max story with oodles of passion and conviction about what you have in your hands right now to transform other people’s lives financially. Plus your energy signature would be one of attraction due to the energy of BELIEF and CONVICTION which you exude.
Conversely if you hesitated on any of those three questions above, your energy signature would be one that may repel others instead or create doubt in a prospects mind. Essentially YOU are the difference in this equation. Not the Max Products and not even the opportunity. Just YOU and the Internal beliefs you hold in your heart and mind.
But it’s not all bad news if you said no to any of those three questions.
Because if your belief is low in the network marketing industry you can simply go and watch Rise of the Entrepreneur, which is a documentary talking about why this industry is transforming lives right across the globe. Plus you could study many more books and information to raise your belief over time. It’s in your control to change those internal beliefs.
Whereas if your belief is low in the Max Opportunity, yet again you are in control of changing that! You can simply ensure you attend all the live meetings in your area and associate with other successful Max people to raise your belief. Plus you could ensure you listen to all five interviews we recently recorded in the power of five series recently. Listening to Crown Diamonds and Double Diamonds talking about why Max is positioned beautifully right now for massive expansion across the globe. So the good news is YOU can change this internal belief and become a magnet to attract instead of repel with doubts.
Additionally, if your belief in yourself or your goals is low, you could simply book a time now with your coach to get clarity around transforming this too. You could also start now to make it a success habit of reading personal development books daily. For it’s a fact that “you will be the same today as you will be in five years from now aside from the people you associate with and the books you read.”
So in closing, I want you to dig really deep internally and think about this… If you are only approaching people about the products in Max, is that because you truly only want to help people? Or… Is it perhaps really true that you have some deeper incorrect beliefs about yourself, money, your own value, or even the network marketing industry that if changed, could manifest in a magnificent life of financial freedom not just for you, but also for all your friends and family around you, due to you having the internal strength in addressing your own internal blockages.
You were destined for greatness, Max in on the track to achieve greatness, let’s all step it up and as a result… Transform millions of lives around us.
Michael Firth
Diamond Associate

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  1. Thanks Michael so true and all makes good sense, the world is our oyster and Max is the company that will have the biggest impact in the MLM industry in 2016 and beyond. Carol and I are super excited about our future and the future of those that we are able to assist with their dreams.

    1. Thank you Michael . I am very proud of my choice to be a Network Marketing Professional .
      Network marketing has given me choices and more than I could ever have dreamed of. I have grown as a person. Got my self belief back. Paid off my debts. Learned from very wise and experienced people whom I would never have gotten to meet otherwise.
      There is never an hour in the day that I am not thinking about what and where do I go and what do I do next.
      How I will help other people to see the absolutely practicality of the industry and what Max International has to offer for their future.
      It is a foregone conclusion that our products are without comparison so my focus on our business model and what an opportunity it is,is my priority.
      Without going to the bank you can and I have build a business where I have the choice to still practice as a midwife if I want to.
      Still increase my business anywhere Max operates in the world. Not have to worry about the fluidity of the world economy and having no financial risk in the future.
      The average person finds it hard to get their heads around how powerful this is.
      The emotional freedom you get to be able to make enough money from your business and that sense of control over your own life is priceless.
      This is my passion to help other people to achieve this freedom. I totally realize I cannot make them do it, I can only help them if they have the same burning desire that I have.
      They’ve got to want it so bad that like me, they will never miss an event, never miss a webcast, never miss an opportunity to be coached,never miss an opportunity to be around people who have what they want, stop making excuses and go to work. Never quit.
      I love Max International,the industry of Network Marketing,the people I partner with,my mentors,the amazing products which are none negotiable and I will do this for the rest of my life.

  2. It makes so much sense. Thank you Michael for reminding us. It’s always good to recap, rethink of my personal Why and get on with what I need to achieve.

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