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Happy New Year 2016!

I have never felt more prepared to go into a new year than this one. Thanks to 17 leadership teams in Australia and New Zealand we are ready for 2016 and I am SUPER EXCITED!

We call it Max 2.0 and you will hear a lot about all the elements that goes into this next level of Max in the month and years to come. Max 1.0 was the foundation years for Max International in Australia and New Zealand. In those years we had to heavily relay on “born” entrepreneurs. As we go forward we will continue to attract and develop Entrepreneurs, but we will add Intrapreneurs.

Before I get too excited telling you about Max 2.0, let me first give you a little background information about myself to help you understand where I am coming from and how preparations for this new stage in Max has taken place for years. Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Strategy has been my passion from when I started my first business at age 10. I have been on the board of directors or member of the executive team of more than 16 companies. I have been President/CEO/General Manager of companies in Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, South Korea, Japan, El Salvador, and the USA. I have been professor at three Universities, Most recently honored as the professor of the year at Utah State University where I teach Executive MBA students Advanced Strategy. As a management consultant to more than 100 companies I have been working with small startup entrepreneurial companies as well as many Fortune 500 companies. I have been helping companies such as General Motors, 3M, Johnson and Johnson, and Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia, the second largest company in the world with their leadership and strategy issues. I have spent the last ten plus years in the network marketing industry. All of this to tell you that I am Super Excited for 2016 and the launch of Max 2.0.

This is what we have planned for Max in Australia and New Zealand in 2016:

  1. Entrepreneurship AND Intrapreneurship:

In any given population there is about 2% who are Entrepreneurs and 98% that are Intrapreneurs. Entrepreneurs are people who see and go after an opportunity based in customer needs. These entrepreneurs are self-motivated and driven. They need very little if any support to succeed. Intrapreneurs are the 98% of the population who need Professional Development to succeed. In 2016 we have a program for both. Dr. Michael Glauser is the foremost expert in Entrepreneurship. He will offer an Entrepreneur Seminar on the Gold Coast May 20 and a key note speech on May 21. Ed Ludbrook, has been a leading authority in the Network Marketing Industry for decades and is an expert in the area of Professional Development. Ed will be the main facilitator at the Max Down Under workshops May 21 and 22. In addition there will be online learning modules for Professional Development and Entrepreneurship.

  1. Sick AND Active:

In my time with Max International I have been overwhelmed with stories of people taking the Max products and having great results. This is part of the Significance Max offers and is core. However, this success has made us focus so much on sick people that we have been forgetting all the people who want to be more active. In 2016 we have programs for both sick and active!

  1. Academy

This new web-site is the toolbox for all new Max Associates in Australia and New Zealand. You will find; Social media videos, Business Opportunity Video, Product Videos, five step training for new Max Associates, etc.

  1. Social Media Videos

Social Media and the internet is powerful tools in today’s world. How to use these tools is not always as obvious. More than 100 videos have now been produced to help Max Associates to introduce the Max opportunities to others.

  1. Business Opportunity Video

Early January 2016 we will introduce a new video as a tool for Max Associates to explain, in simple terms, the business opportunity that Max international offers anyone. This video will be perfect to share via text messaging or email.

  1. Product Video

I am honored to be part of Max International. To get up every day and work with wonderful Max Associates and staff to implement the vision of Dr. Herb Nagasawa. As the global leader in Glutathione enhancing products, we provide life changing benefits of our products to the world. In early 2016 we will launch a new product video as a sales tool to make it easier for Max Associates to introduce the science behind the Max Products.

  1. Max App

The App “Prime5” that you can access on your devise has all the tools to do your business will be taken to a whole new level in the 2nd quarter of 2016. I know it is hard to wait, but it will be well worth it.

  1. Your Personal web-Site

It won’t be long and you will be able to have your own Max web-site that you can refer prospect to. These replicable web-sites are so exciting!

  1. Recognition Program

A new recognition program will be introduced in early 2016 including new certificates.

  1. Incentive Trip in conjunction with International Convention.

An incentive trip for Max Associates in Australia and New Zealand will be announced in February 2016.

  1. International Convention

Max International Convention 2016 will truly be international. In the past the International Convention has always been held in Salt Lake City where the Max Corporate headquarter is located, but this year we will make it a truly “International” Convention as it will be hosted outside the USA.

  1. Diamond Retreat

This year the Diamond Retreat will go to Greece, June 10-17, 2016. An amazing trip has been planned and the Diamonds will be spoiled again!

  1. Product Teams

For each of the major product groups we have established Change Teams to make sure that each product is getting continued attention in the market place.

  1. Regional Teams / Events
  • Monday calls
  • Tuesday Webinars – New technology enhanced room has been purchased
  • Max Opportunity Meetings (MOM) are being held one-on-one, in-homes and in rented meeting rooms in many cities all over Australia and New Zealand
  • Monthly workshops with new format are hosted in each of the 7 regions.
  • February tour to the 7 regions with Leadership Meetings from 4 to 6 pm and opportunity meetings from 7 to 9 pm
  • Entrepreneurship Seminar: May 20,2016
  • Opportunity meeting, May 20, 1016
  • Max Down Under two day event of the year; may 21 and 22
  • Weekly Leadership Call
  • Quarterly Leadership Summits

Well, there is more, but I think you are getting the picture: Max 2.0 is rolling out and 2016 is going to be SUPER EXCITING!

I enjoy working with you our Max Associates! Thank you for being who you are, for what you do and what you are in the process of becoming. You have impacted my life for the better. Even more importantly, you have impacted a lot of people for the better by introducing them to the Max opportunity. Thank you!

Peter Foss

General Manager

Max Australia and New Zealand



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  1. Wow Peter we are truely appreciative for the work you and everyone puts in to making Max what it is today.
    This is really exciting and looking forward to being apart of it in 2016 along with all the team.

  2. Wow. Who could possibly not want to come onboard with this leadership this vision and this action plan. Thank you for outlining 2016 so succinctly

  3. Thanks Peter your Leadership is a great example that we can follow, I am looking forward to 2016 with excitement and success.

  4. Peter Foss, thank you for who you are and everything you do for us. I am so excited to be working with you and the future we have at Max. Max has never been so exciting as right now and the clear direction we are taking. Thank you,t hank you, thank you!

  5. In the 7 years I have been associated with Max I have never been so excited!

    What fantastic news!

    Peter we are so fortunate to have you as our corporate down under manager!

  6. Peter

    Firstly Happy New year and I am Wishing you and your family many moments of abundant joy, Happy blessings into the year of 2016.

    I am pleased to read the details above regarding the year introduction so far. I have been waiting to get excited about it as I have just done.

    I Can’t wait for the conventions, Seminars and group workshop functions which is a fantastic idea to boost encouragement and morale amongst us all as well as getting to know everyone at Max International from Reps to Diamonds on equal footings etc.

    It sounds like a blast, on that note it will be an honor I am sure to meet you in person at one of these dates and put a face to the name with some familiarity when speaking or hearing your name. I am also happy to read you are super excited about the year ahead also, makes me feel good inside to be a part of Max International knowing I have made a good decision in my life for myself, Which is creating a direction of change and momentum daily for me to focus on with others that share the same interests and enjoyment of life.

    Finally I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful journey, as if it was not for Max International I would not be feeling and doing so much better in my life with my health and focus as well quality of life which has taken on a better place for me amongst my family and friends, it was not as great as it should have been for a woman of 47.

    Max Moments and enjoyment ahead.

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